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Keeper Of The Stars

Enter those in darkness
I'll take away your fear
Fly across the gentle sky
Magnificence so near

Keeper of the stars adorned
With healing rays that glow
Forever out of darkness
Shards of light to show

Jewels adorned in sky above
Floating down with ease
Special glow descends on you
Each precious gem received

Do not cast your eyes from me
Look upon the sky
Catch a glimpse of glowing love
All gathered way on high

Giving you the love you need
The light that will appease
This special gift I offer you
Will give your heart reprieve

You're not alone in darkness
Within my arms this light
Bringing you forever close
Love's radiance in flight.

~ Francine Pucillo~
(used with permission, @2000)
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name and e-mail her for permission.

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