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Who Am I???
Who Am I...a woman and proud to be ...

Wife ...
Mother ...
Friend ...

Welcome Friends this page is about my poetry, some was borrowed from a friend and some was written by me!!! So if you enjoy poetry please enter in and have fun reading it, but please i ask you don't take it live it as it is on the page. If you wish to borrow one just email me and ask ok. So have fun and don't forget to tell me what you think, just sign my guestbook, and let me know what you think ok. Thank you all so much for visiting I hope you will have a great time and come back again..
Um.... The font that I am using is CAC CHAMPAGNE which you can get it HERE

Do I Know You?

I'm sorry, I thought I knew you,
I didn't mean to stare,
Was that a smile of recognition,
Just before that worried glare?
No, you're right, you're not the person,
The girl I knew was full of hope,
You're depressed and getting older,
You can hardly seem to cope.
She was young and full of energy,
There was nothing she couldn't do,
She had faith and joy and laughter,
No, you're right, she wasn't you.
Promise me, that if you see her,
You'll tell her that I really care,
And I miss her looking back at me,
From that mirror over there.

And its sterility
Leaves an unkind mark,
Though' he who casts it,
For all the world,
Be filled with good intent;
It leads down to Hell
Where demons tempt and torment
Those unwary souls
Backslidden in their resolves,
Weak in the affirmations,
Undone by their own vanities.
What has love to do with anything
When it produces no fruit?
It is either tasteless
Or the taste of it is bitter
On the mind
And on the soul.
Such love,
Tho' well wished,
When it is received
Leads to self abuse.


And the mists surround me
stroking my body
with their soft fingers
opening me
making me feel love's essence,
inflaming my desire.
And the mists surround me
lying naked
opened and ready
awaiting your approach
aching for your caress.
And the mists surround me
dampness filling the air,
muting the cries of passion
you create in me,
as open I lie
awaiting your touch......
.........'til I am yours forever........

Gone As I let the tears flow, I thought, where did my love go?
Why did she set me free? Forever, is what we were meant to be.
Those sunny days have turned gray, Those bright stars have faded
away, The flame we swore would always burn bright, it
just lost it's light. I feel as if my soul has died, I can't believe
how many tears I've cried. I feel there's no need for life,
as I see my reflection in the knife.
Then I think of what our love has taught me,
To be strong when things go wrong. So I turn away and let things be.
I am an idea
Conceived in the mind of the Universe
And interpreted in the minds
Of the individuals I meet
Within myself I am constant
Yet I am as ever changing
As the people who interpret me
I can control my actions
But I can not control their thoughts
Therefore, I must do what I think right
And let others -
Think what they will

I am not very good
At this Game called Life
For I've not learned to see children crying
Without feeling pain
For I've not learned to watch animals destroyed
Without wondering why
For I've not yet met a king or celebrity
That I would bow down to
Or a man so insignificant
That I would use for a stepping-stone
For I've not learned to be a "yes man"
To narrow minded bosses
Who quote rules without reason
And I've not learned to manipulate
The feelings of others
To be used for my own advantages
Then cast aside as I see fit
No, I am not very good
At the Game called Life
And if everything goes well
Maybe I never will be

I reach out into the darkness and cold,
you're all alone I keep being told.
Tears roll down my face,
my heart's beat gaining pace.
I knew a time would come when I would be all alone,
but now, wishing my heart were made of stone.
So I would feel the pain inside,
from not having anyone by my side.
Wishing that the light would come to me,
in peace then I shall be.