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Who Am I???
Who Am I...a woman and proud to be ...

Wife ...
Mother ...
Friend ...

Welcome Friends this page is about my poetry, some was borrowed from a friend and some was written by me!!! So if you enjoy poetry please enter in and have fun reading it, but please i ask you don't take it live it as it is on the page. If you wish to borrow one just email me and ask ok. So have fun and don't forget to tell me what you think, just sign my guestbook, and let me know what you think ok. Thank you all so much for visiting I hope you will have a great time and come back again..
Um.... The font that I am using is CAC CHAMPAGNE which you can get it HERE

A voice on the phone I remember so well,
hun it was you This I can tell,
I play it back time and again
Wishing this distance will end
The time I spent with you I will treasure
For I know now our love is true
I could love no other
A voice of confusion and even despare
Your lost in love for you know you still care
I haven't seen you for a month and a few days
But the time with you there will never be a haze
I gave you the key
The key to my heart
Here is another key
Can we make a fresh start
My family I lost this I can not hide
I love you more than life
More than my pride
From the day we meet


Candles burning
sheets turned down
anticipation abounds.
Time passes slowly
quiet as a mouse
stars falling
earth standing still.
eternally waiting
suspense filled evening.
The phone rings
You say my name
come get me
I am here.
Passion explodes
excitement is in the air
soon you will be here.
Candles burning low
Sheets thrown down
Passion spent
My girl's in town

Being With You

In the start, you and I met.
Thru and thru, I can't forget.
The time spent, is in my heart.
To us both, we never part.
I believe, we know it's set.
Misery, is how I feel.
Without you, I am not real.
I miss you, I feel so blue.
I need you, to talk to too.
And to us, it does seal.
You always been, my true friend.
I trust you, until the end.
And our talks, which I hold dear.
You are kind, I do not fear.
With my love, I give and send.

Forever I'll love you forever and ever more.
This is something you just can't ignore.
My love for you is so strong. That in my eyes,you
can do no wrong. When you need to talk,I'll be here.
When you need my help,I'll be near.
When you don't understand,I'll help you see things clear.
I'll love you no matter what you do cuz your such a dream come

Friends Forever

There's so many things I need to tell you but I don't
know where to begin. There's not enough words in this world to
express how I feel. Whenever your hurt,I'll be there.
Whenever you need me,I'll be near.
I'll help you through thick and thin.
I'll stay by your side, when no one else can.
I'll always be your friend, you can count on on me 'till the end.
To you,I've given all my love, my life and my heart.
Our love and friendship grows stronger everyday. I would be lost
forever if you were to ever go away.

Her pretty smile,
is all I wish to see.
Shes the only one,
who really matters to me.
I think of her all of the time,
hoping and wishing.
That someday,
she could be mine.
At night when I'm alone,
I tend to think about her.
Asking myself constantly-
why cant life be different?
If life were different,
we would be happily together.
Would we break up?
my answer is never.
If comparing her to anyone else,
she always comes out above.
Her beauty and elegance,
are that of a white dove.
Now I'm sleeping,
and what does my dream consist of?
Not of her beauty,
but of her love.
Tomorrow will be the same,
another lonely night.
Wanting so badly,
to hold her tight.

Here I sit, this cold dark night,
I can see it well by the city light.
High up in the air I fly,
You're here with me in this starry sky.
Though I can't see, your body's back home.
Yet you're with me, in my heart you rome.
There you will stay now and forever,
You and me, our hearts together.