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Who Am I???
Who Am I...a woman and proud to be ...

Wife ...
Mother ...
Friend ...

Welcome Friends this page is about my poetry, some was borrowed from a friend and some was written by me!!! So if you enjoy poetry please enter in and have fun reading it, but please i ask you don't take it live it as it is on the page. If you wish to borrow one just email me and ask ok. So have fun and don't forget to tell me what you think, just sign my guestbook, and let me know what you think ok. Thank you all so much for visiting I hope you will have a great time and come back again..
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Hidden Love

It's a mystery why love thinks this way
Why can't I let you go?
I've always been fond of Valentine's Day
It's another way of letting you know
The love I have in store for us
And the feeling of you by my side
I don't know why it's so hard to explain
Maybe I'm lost without pride
I am nervous and scared, hidden by doubt
And I wish I could tell you now
Why are these feelings so hard to express
Maybe I just don't know how
I'm sitting here next to you, hoping you'll notice
The thoughts that are stuck in my head
I hope that some day I'll overcome this fear
I live a life so dark, so alone


People say that I am a fool,
loving someone who doesn't love me.
I know she may never be mine,
but who will tell this to my heart.
One day she may understand my love,
I dream of such a day too.
She says we can always be friends,
but can we be friends forever.
Someday she will be with someone,
then I'll just be a fading memory.
Maybe I should forget her and move on,
why is this little step so painful, so impossible.
I still hope against all hope,
she will become mine, one day soon.


No moon touches the waves tonight,
nothing there to give us light.
The stars still twinkly above the sea,
and my fears turn to flee.
The sea breeze is still quite cold
that causes sadness; or so I'm told.
But there is a warmth inside of me,
and my sadness turns to flee.
Blackness colors both the sea and sky,
it weights me down; I am unable to fly.
Yet the breaks of waves give me hope,
as if I could lasso the blackness with a rope.
Sometimes I am trapped on the inside too,
and someone there helps me through.
Blind to the answers that sometimes I might,
but you, my friend, help me gain sight.
In my heart you are above the rest,
Because I have you as a friend... I am truly blessed.

You have opened up my heart
I can see my happiness in your eyes,
The love I hold for you inside
Is much stronger than you and I.
Like a tide washing over me,
Your love has cleared my doubts
What I know of our existence
Is much more than words can say.
You have helped me see
The side of love I never thought
could exist
I will never forget your vow
you forever will have a place in my
forever broken heart
The Key to my heart you already have
And this key I give to you once more
It is the key that will open my front door
Butterflies and moonlite skies,
A Peaceful white dove, the stars above.
The feel of the wind, the warmth it sends,
Neither blue nor black the skies above, it never ends.
All with a meaning, yet night and day,
Reflections of you, I dare to say.
With the days light, a dove in flight,
At days end, you shine like the stars so bright.
We are apart for the day and longer,
Yet it's me with you we both hunger.
Like Moonlite skies your eyes light with desire
The passion in your heart burns a kindling fire.
The day you live, like a butterfly in the breeze,
Together as one, minds finally at ease.

Can I awaken your heart from it's sleep.
To arouse inside those passions you keep,
with a feeling of closeness too hard to deny,
that your heart will openly and willingly comply.
Can I awaken your soul just once more,
with the colors of love and all it's decor.
To bring back those memories of love that did exist,
the feelings it held with all of its bliss.
Can I awaken your eyes to see,
this love I can offer that will always be,
full of kindness and gentleness too,
with a sprinkle of thoughtfulness,to offer you too.
Can I awaken your arms to feel,
a tight embrace, that is oh so real.
to close all doors to the world outside,
to bring out your love that you so desperately hide.

Could they be right? Could they be wrong.
The feelings I have, where do they belong.
I now ponder in the deepest of thoughts,
My hearts talks to me, should I listen or not.
We talk through the mail though time day by day,
Her thoughts are clouded to my dismay.
The look in her eyes tells me a tail
Could this be, the truth will unveil.
Could this be, is it all true?
Her questions are the same, what's wrong with you.
I am but just me, a person with dreams,
Here I am, no hiding, no schemes.
I need not prove the person I be,
Passion, love, desire, the person is me