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Every morning, Monday through Friday, unless otherwise announced,
I will add a Spirit Task to be completed for the day.
You will have approximately 24 (twenty-four) hours to complete each task.

No tasks will be accepted once I have closed it for the day.

You are not permitted to seek help from Seryn Staff
in any way to complete your tasks.
Any Elf who asks for help, whether they get it or not,
will be DQ'd for that task, for that day.

You must fill out the form below completely
to be given credit for task completion
Incomplete submissions will be deleted without consideration.

The Prizes!!

First Place, Weekly:
A personalized Spirit Task Globe.

Second Place, Weekly:
A personalized Spirit Task Plaque.

All others will be sent a participation plaque.

The Grand Prize!

The Elf who completes the most Spirit Tasks for the month
will be awarded The Sparkin' Spirit Background Set.

This is a set, graciously donated by Dominoe Designs
will be different every month.

A preview of
July's Sparkin' Spirit Set
can be seen at a later date!

The Spirit Tasks!!!
The Task Answers can now be found
on the TSF Site!!!!

Monday, 9:00am-8:59am cst

Tuesday, 9:00am-8:59am cst

Wednesday, 9:00am-8:59am cst

Thursday, 9:00am-8:59am cst

Friday, 11:00am-10:59am cst